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No internet connection
Last Updated 5 years ago

Below are basic self troubleshooting instructions to enable you resolve your internet connection.
  1. Check that your ethernet cable is properly connected to your computer, or that the WiFi connection is working and connected to the right SSID.
  2. Those using Windows computers, open command prompt (Start>Run>type cmd>click open) and type ipconfig on the black screen. Those on MAC and Linux, open Terminal and type ifconfig on the prompt.
  3. Check your IP and ping it. (If the cable or wifi is connected, you should get positive replies from the IP).
  4. Check your default Gateway and ping it (If your computer connection to the router is working properly, you should get positive replies from this IP). If the response has "request timed out" check your cable, LAN switch and/or WiFi Access Point. if need be, restart them and retest.
  5. Ping the gateway IP that MyISP issued to you. You should get positive replies is your router is properly connected and powered on. If not, check the physical cable connections if firmly fixed to the right ports. If need be restart the router and retest the ping. If you still get "Request timed out" contact MyISP Support for further assistance.
  6. Ping a known external hostname or IP e.g. or from which you should get positive replies. If the hostname doesn't resolve but the IP is able to give positive replies, check that your WiFi APs or router are issuing the right DNS settings.
  7. If the problem persists, contact MyISP Support for further assiatance via or 0731 911 000

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